Canyon Racers Cup - Map Drive
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Author:  Sythy [ 2014-11-18 Tue 07:15:38 ]
Post subject:  Canyon Racers Cup - Map Drive

Hi Canyon Mappers! I will be hosting a competition starting in mid January. More details on the competition will be released in the following weeks. But for now I want to start getting the map creation under way!

There will be a cash prize of $10 USD. This will be awarded to the best map voted by the players in the competition, on the official training servers. Players will vote using the widget. If there is a tie it will come down to the awards on the MX website.

Map requirements
Please make sure your map complies with the following requirements:

  • Name: "CRC - name"
  • You can use what you want for name, as long as it isn't a team- or playername (or something similar!)
  • Length: 55 - 80 seconds
  • Maps should general competition style (think TWL, ESL, ESWC, etc)
  • Embedded blocks are allowed (preferably not as scenery)
  • Placing checkpoints backwards is forbidden.
  • Use of default sign pack only!
  • Blockmixing is allowed, as long as it does not produce any graphical glitches or driving bugs
  • GPS, intros and outros are forbidden
  • Give the map a delicate and nice outlook
  • The scenery is up to you (make sure it doesn't produce lags, lighting problems or graphical bugs!)
  • The map is only known by yourself
  • The map hasn't been uploaded anywhere
  • The map has not been used in any competition before
Send your validated map(s), together with a replay to:

How the competition will run for the maps
  • All suitable maps that are submitted will be placed onto a TimeAttack server for 2 weeks prior to the competition start. All members of the public will be able to play/train/vote on these maps. The 5 maps with the highest tm-karma rating (judged by the local karma), will be the map pack for the competition.
  • TimeAttack server will go live midnight CET, 2nd January. Until midnight 16th January.
  • Once the 5 maps are chosen, all karma will be cleaned, and voting will start again.
  • Voting will only be counted on the official CRC servers (1 TA, 1 Rounds), and once again judged by the local karma.(People may vote twice)
  • After the grand final is run, votes will be counted and the winner announced.
  • Payments will be made using PayPal. Triple check that you have an account which can be paid to.
  • Ties between maps will be settled by percentage positive votes.

Use "Maps - Competition - your nickname" as the subject, so we can keep a track of the submissions.
The deadline for sending in your map(s) is Thursday, 1st January 2015!

If you have any questions what-so-ever, please either reply to this thread or PM me on MX. I will try my best to answer ASAP.

Important Note: Payments will be made using PayPal. So please make sure you have an account able to be paid to.

*Credit to ESL's TheM for the rules guidelines. I did make a few changes, but mostly laid out from his post :)

Author:  Sythy [ 2014-12-01 Mon 08:24:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Canyon Racers Cup - Map Drive

Just a quick reminder that map entries close on the Thursday the 1st January at 23:59 CET (midnight).

If you have any questions, just reply to this thread and i'll answer them ASAP. I check the threads daily.

Author:  Sythy [ 2015-01-01 Thu 23:56:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Canyon Racers Cup - Map Drive

As of this post, map submissions have been closed. Any maps received from now on, will not be used in the competition.

I would like to thank everyone who submitted their maps. :)

Registration to the competition for racers is still open! Sign Up Today!

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