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 Varsity's Application 
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Post Varsity's Application
'Sup? :mrgreen:
I heard you like applications, so I put one up! O,O Like this:

1. What's your in-game nickname?
Varsity (also known as n3crid)

2. What's your in-game login?

TM2 / cxj0991
TMU / n3crid

3. How old are you?

4. Where are you from?
Germany, Hessen, Wetzlar

5. What controller do you use (keyboard, gamepad, joystick, wheel)?
Padplayer, I'm using a Logitech RumblePad 2.

6. What are your best (racing) environments?
ISLAND, DESERT > SNOW > RALLY(which depends on the track) >>> STADIUM >>> COAST >>>>>> BAY
I freakin' hate Bay...
Just for the records this doesn't mean in can't drive Coast/Bay even if my live depends on it, actually I kinda can, but not that fast and /or consistent as my Top 3!

Somewhere between Snow and Rally is Canyon, I guess. This Environment also depends on the track, since I found out I can't drive Canyon for shit, if the map sucks hard imho.
Like most of them did in TWL1... Was not fun at all.

7. Are you applying for both TMU and TM2, or just one of those?
I'd like to apply for both but for UNITED it would be more a "just 4 fun" of racing mindset.

8. Which teams have you previously been in?
-hr- / haunted racers (beginning of the TMU "lifecycle" with EasyX and Xaorn the "Coastbeast")
ps' / Powerspeeders
GSN;GN / GameSNirvana;Global Nirvana

9. Have you driven in other team competitions, and if so, which ones? What were your results/team/division (if you remember them)?
Gee whiz... I still remember all stuff, but it would be a pain to list in here... So, if you're really interested in that look it up on ET and start with UL2/-hr-/n3crid and go up from there. Biggest succes in team were definitely the times with GSN/GN.
My best result in a "non-team" competition has to be the DBC9! (got rank 28)

10. Do you know any members of CMC?
Well, since I started at the beginning of the "TMU-lifecycle", I "know" a bunch of the CMC crew. And with know I mean driven against them online and stuff. First rememberable contact was with Bramble, Boumsong and Zell in UL2. (Band of Brothers was the team... I even recall them winning the div., without looking it up!)
And I think the only one who is really one of my "fans" is JumperJack. Which has to be because of my "GENIUS" mapping SK!LLZ!

11. Do you play online, and if so, which kind of servers do you prefer?
Tech, Leauge-Tech but most of the time I drive on these "Shorttracks"-servers since they're the most common.

12. Do you build maps? Give links to TMX or other download if appropriate.
Yeah! I freaking love building maps! I think i don't need to put up a link just look them up on TMX, most of you will just remember the snow ones from LE10/11 anyway. Author is "Varsity", go figure. You can even look into my old shit, if you're that cruel under the name "n3crid"...

13. What's your favourite TM map?
Too many! But let's name some Authors I really like:
Kyo, Dengel, Nillstorn, Jumperjack, Arkone, Toubib... These names came spontaneously in mind so they have to be good...

14. What's the best single map block, or block usage in any version of TrackMania?
Honestly? That has to be the start/end block for rounds mode since it has two key elements of building a track in one block.

15. Do you have other skills or experience that might be useful or interesting to CMC?
The writing, maybe... The fact if I actually start something I'll end it no matter how much i f***ed up. I'll end with a big success or the biggest f*** up ever! I can be a stubborn one, in a good and/or a bad way.

16. Are you active in other parts of the TrackMania community? Give some links to your accounts on other TM sites if appropriate.
Beside the TMX-sites I have no accounts. Since I'm more of a lurker and have the most important TM-sites all in my favorites for a quick access.

17. Have you ever cheated in TrackMania?

(o_O)" ... NO! Neither have I in any other game I ever played competitively!

18. What's the best smiley on this forum?

19. What's better: mermaids or ponies?

Freakin' mermaids man! Especially the ones with morphing abilities. They f*** you up real hard if you combo them right. Man I love my morphdeck... *Blubb* ... MTG FTW!

20. To slow a car down, do you use "brakes" or "breaks"?

Brakes for sure, but fun fact. I once tapped the brakebutton so hard that I broke my old Pad. That's how i got my RumblePad 2.

21. Give links to your best dedimania times on recent ET League Tracks (for TMU, e.g. from UL8; for TM2, e.g. from TWL0). Alternatively, give links to (or attach) some of your best replays on those tracks.
Look em up on the Dedimania site, since I don't even have a clue anymore. No really I would have to look up my Replay folder but for some weird reason it's empty... There were for sure some TOP 30 rankings in it...

22. Why do you want to join CMC, and not any other team? (write a bit about your motivation)
I guess I try to step it up somehow, or at least get in the mood for it. And out of all the teams I definitely think CMC is one of the better choices to achive that goal of mine! The international touch is also nice and you are still there, which can't be said for most of the TM teams in history!


2012-07-18 Wed 15:04:27
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