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 Pepe will join you ^^ 
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Post Pepe will join you ^^
1. What's your in-game nickname?StG|Pepe
2. What's your in-game login?dadoni1997
3. How old are you?16
4. Where are you from?Neumarkt :punch:
5. Which games (TMU/TM2/SM) are you applying to join CMC for?TMU
6. Which teams have you previously been in?(((
7. Do you intend to play any of TMU/TM2/SM in another team?no ^^
8. Do you know any members of CMC?Yes and i like them :D
9. Do you use IRC? If so, what's your nickname on Quakenet?No sorry
10. Do you build maps? If so, provide links to some of your best works.yes i build here >:D
11. Do you have any other skills, experience, knowledge, or resources that might be useful or interesting to CMC?Yes i played Tm since 6 Years i know very much players and because them i have much skill and Love to play i am every day online to brake recs and train Ul. ..... :)
12. Are you active in other parts of the TrackMania or ManiaPlanet community? e.g. What's your TMX login, etc.i am a little bit active on tmx my login is Aewo
13. Have you ever used cheats? No thats only people who can not ride
14. What's better: mermaids or ponies?Ponies when i can drive in tm with them xD ^^ :'(
15. Pick any subject and say something interesting, useful, or funny.A Toast weight 400 g thats the half of Tm Cd. :P O.O
16. Why do you want to join CMC, and not any other team? (Write a bit about your motivation)Because your Members very Nice and your clan is the best i think and i want toooo youuu rawwrrr :D

Trackmania Questionnaire
17. What controller do you use (keyboard/gamepad/joystick/wheel)?Gamepad Xbox
18. What are your best and worst environments?Best :thumbu: Snow, :thumbu: Stadium , :thumbur: Coast , :thumbur: Bay middle so \m/ island and \m/ desert and worst .|. rally
19. Have you played in team competitions before? If so, in which ones, in which division, and what were your results?Yes one time for many years .
20. Do you play online, and if so, which kind of servers do you prefer?I Prefer Train Ul .
21. Give links to your best dedimania times on recent ET League Tracks (for TMU, e.g. from UL9; for TM2, e.g. from TWL1). Alternatively, give links to (or attach) some of your best replays on those maps. I forgot any time too save replays sorry ^^ but you can watch so my recs on ul10 you see me in dedi ^^ :thumbu:

Shootmania Questionnaire
22. What game mode (joust/elite/...) are you best at?joust
23. What other FPS games have you played competitively?To much ^^
24. Have you played in team competitions before? If so, in which ones, in which division, and what were your results?no because before i dont interested on competitions ^^
25. Provide some links to replays or videos on official maps.No Replays guys i will play its take too long ;( xD
26. Do you have a microphone and can you use Teamspeak?Yes i have a mic but teamsspeak dont run since 10 days on my pc i dont know why

Ok ich hoffe ihr macht keinen fehler und nimmt mich nicht :D Ich hoffe auf ein baldiges miteinander . Immer schön Rekorde reinhauen und Nicht verlieren ^^
Mit freundlichen Grüßen euer schwanzlutscher xD joke your Pepe .

2013-03-22 Fri 13:21:15
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