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Well I am Thomas "Yarisken" 18 years old and living in the Netherlands. I stared playing with Trackmania Nations ESWC. After that I quickly moved to Trackmania Sunrise but the CD broke in my computer so couldn`t play anymore. :mrgreen: When Trackmania United came out I started playing more active on all environment. Last year I just started to play competitions more serious. And did pretty good with 2nd place in SL7 D2 with TOX and another 2nd place in ESL-Open 2 with Grr/TOX.

My best environment is coast. I am improving on bay but its not on a high level yet.

Why CMC? Well I recently left TOX Family because of the inactivity and the french languege. So I wanted to find a new team for the team tournaments and TM2. But most teams are french or german and I don`t speak german or french :DD so I wanted a EU team and came here.

So I know you guys have a questions list so I took the liberty of filling it in:

What controller do you use?
Logitech Dual Action. Once in a while I try to use joystick but its not going that well.
What are your best (racing) environments?
Coast (Bay)
What clans have you been in?
FOK, DZG, FiX, TOX and I am currently in Mouse Control for Nations.
Why do you want to join CMC?
In what ways do you think you'd help CMC?
To win matches in the next team tournaments.
What do you know about CMC?
That it is the oldest team I know :)
Do you know any CMC members? Or people in other teams in ET leagues?
Most by name but I know: Jumperjack, Bergie (if he is still here,) Mietsel, Zooz.
Do you play online? What servers?
Currently on the GC9 servers or Mistral server.
Do you have any times on recent ET league tracks?
GC9 Athlon 51.86, GC9 - Wasted Time 52.2x, GC9¬Forevah 51.1x
Have you driven in any team competitions?
United: ESL Open 2.
Nations: Most of the Premierships, TNA #2 and some more.
Have you played any ET leagues?
United: UL 3/4/5/6/8 SL 7
Nations: STC 4/5/6/7
Got any replays on tech maps you can show us?
Not yet because I re-installed my computer.
Do you build maps? Any examples?
Yep, TMX 2806479 Duo track with Jumperjack called: ESWC - Het Neerlandsch Verbond.
What's your TM login? Are you listed on tm-rankings?
Login: yarisken
TM-Rankings is dead I believe.
What's the best smiley on this forum?
Are you Silverwolf?
Uhh no. Who is Silverwolf?
Do you think TM2 will form a good basis for a theory of quantum gravity? Why/why not? Need to think about this one :DD
What's better - mermaids or ponies?
Uhm I think....ponies? :zell:
Nascar or F1?
Forward boosts or reverse boosts?
I don`t like them both but Forward is more fun then reverse so I take forward.
To slow a car down, do you use "breaks" or "brakes"?
What was the best ever competition in TM?

Some info:

TM Login: yarisken
Xfire: yaritm
TMX Page:

So I believe that was all. I hope to hear from you guys soon.

Thomas "Yarisken"

2011-07-12 Tue 01:42:47
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