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 Help Taylor building his new PC! 
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Post Help Taylor building his new PC!
Hey folks,
so I'm going to get a new PC in the coming months. It's going to be a while till I have enough money for it, but still, I figured it was time to have a better idea of what to get.

First of all, I don't need a big HDD, as I already got a 3TB one a week ago, also no need for keyboard, mouse, screen (for now) and DVD drive.

What I thought to:
-An Intel i5 or i7 processor (I had a look to i7 3770/4770 and i5 3570K, is there a big performance gap between the i5 and the i7s?)
-An nVidia GFX (had a look to GTX 660/660Ti/760, but really, I have no idea of which one is better or if there are some better/cheaper alternatives)
-16GB of RAM should be fairly enough, need some advices though (wondering if these are good enough)
-A 120GB SSD (I don't need more as my Windows partition is currently 100GB and I've never even been close to fill it. this looked good, but again, not 100% sure)
-Absolutely no idea of a good motherboard, PSU and case. So, have a look at it please :DD

I should be able to spend about 900-1000 euros on it. The current rough setup I've checked for was 1070 euros, so hopefully it will go down a little before I get around to buy all the stuff.

Thanks in advance if you're going to help!

Edit: looz's build (a bit OP)

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2013-07-09 Tue 14:12:06
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Post Re: Help Taylor building his new PC!
If I were you, I'd save money on the case and get a Sharkoon.

When I was building my setup last year, I saw all these fancy expensive cases with weird designs, then this cheap case called "Sharkoon". I thought it was shit, but the guy at the shop told me he really recommends it and that it sells well.

The case never heated up EVER. There is great airflow, with dust filters and after a year of abuse it doesn't make any noise at all, while that isn't the case always with those expensive brands.. (unless you're willing to pay insane money)

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2013-07-09 Tue 15:22:27
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Post Re: Help Taylor building his new PC!
Zell, noise is more of a fan/HDD issue. Of course cases can dampen that but anyway. The case in my build is excellent.

2013-07-09 Tue 15:52:48

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Post Re: Help Taylor building his new PC!
On a budget i would skip the i7s, only thing extra you get is hyper threading which doesnt really make much of a difference, if at all.

Id probably get a haswell as its newer, but performance increase over similar ivy bridge is around 10% (or not enough to upgrade from one to another)

I think the gtx 770 is a good card at the moment (kinda out of the graphics game, last card i bought was a 660 gtx, which was for my media pc)

SSD wise Samsung are the decent ones to go for at the moment. Prices coming down all the time on them. 120/250GB is down to preference.

Ram get anything you want, i lean towards corsair, but any of the other brands are ok. (16GB will last a while and its pretty cheap) i think 1600 is the best speed to get for the price (correct me if im wrong).

Do you care much for overclocking? if so get a good asus one (dont spend too much)
PSU, get a known brand, ive gone with corsair for years, their warranty and RMA (not tma) service is pretty solid and fast. ive got a few corsair cases from the full tower to a budget case and they have been pretty solid.

I did buy a fractal design case which was pretty awesome (used it to house a server with 10HDDS and pretty quiet)

I built an ivy bridge system for £500 the other month (though didnt get a psu) and it feels faster than my first gen i7 pc im on right now :)

Hope it helps a little...


2013-07-09 Tue 16:36:33
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Post Re: Help Taylor building his new PC!
i would have a cm storm case.. percetly cooled case, made for gaming and a fitting 6xx watt enermax power supply... won them at some competition and never activly used them. altough i mounted them together for the case i'd get myself a new midi tower.. we could discuss the price so tell me if youre interested

the case: ... storm+case and 2 fans are already mounted from the manufaturer.

not sure if this is the powersupply.. i will check as soon as i go back to austria: ... ct/968039/?

in my opinion they are more than enough and should provide anything you need. But lets see what the pc pros say about it.

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2013-07-12 Fri 01:46:25
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Post Re: Help Taylor building his new PC!
Well, I haven't really been looking for hardware lately, and you don't provide any websites where I could check your local prices.

As for the CPU, get yourself i5 (Ivy Bridge or newer, which is Haswell apparently). You mention 3570K. If you don't plan to do overclocking, no need to get something with -K suffix, because the only difference between 3570K and 3570 is that the latter has fixed multiplier.

In the field of motherboards, I'd go for ASUS any day. Chipset/socket choice is defined by your selected CPU. Concerning the rest, just make sure you have enough USB, memory, PCI, PCI-e, SATA slots and what not. Better go with H87/Z87 for Haswell (LGA1150) and H77/Z77 for Ivy Bridge (LGA1155).

Listen to Rax, Corsair PSUs are really good. Get something of sufficient wattage for your choice of power consuming components. I don't think that anything more than 650W would be needed, but who knows (not quite au courant with things).

No idea about cases too. Get something that has enough fan/fan slots and should have good cooling. Never get Thermaltake V3 if you are going to assemble the PC yourself. :mrgreen:

I certainly need to catch up in the graphic card market. :o You should definitely go for 660 Ti, or higher if your budget permits.

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2013-07-12 Fri 08:16:17
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