Hi everyone!
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Author:  Antonio94 [ 2017-07-28 Fri 02:06:03 ]
Post subject:  Hi everyone!

Since I don't see any introduction thread or board here so I hope introducing myself here is legit? So anyway...
Hi everyone! I'm Antonio and I'm mostly into RPGs like Dragon Age Origins & Inquisitions (both are excellent, Origins has exciting story, Inquisitions with dragons slaying part), Witcher 3 (excellent story telling and exploration), Dark Souls (brutal, but fun... if I can progress), Persona 4 & 5 (just recently, and I'm in love with them).
Currently I'm want to create a RPG by myself and I'm quite curious about Questmania.
I hope to learn and share experience with you guys. Thanks!

Author:  Forgot10 [ 2017-07-28 Fri 19:26:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hi everyone!

Hello! Nothing wrong with introducing yourself here, welcome to the forums.

As for Questmania, I highly doubt it will ever see the light.

Author:  rad [ 2017-07-28 Fri 21:03:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hi everyone!

If you want to create an RPG game, you could create Questmania xD
According to nadeo head hylis, they'll start working on it after they're done 100% with SM and TM, that means never.
I love DA:O and DA2 too, mainly DA:O, finished it dozens of times already, unfortunately I had no chance to play inquisition yet.

Author:  Serres [ 2017-07-29 Sat 18:30:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hi everyone!

Welcome to the forums!

I'm a big fan of both the Dragon Age Series as well as the Witcher ( reading the books right now, awesome stuff! also played 2 and 3)!

But as for Questmania.. i probably have to disappoint you as there is no sign of it whatsoever and Nadeo can't be trusted at all after all those failed promises they made when the whole Maniaplanet thing began back in..2010? 2011? not sure. But anyway i don't see Questmania coming out anymore.

Author:  Zooz [ 2017-07-31 Mon 18:54:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hi everyone!

Questmania was initially promised to be released 2 years after ManiaPlanet, which was... years ago by now!

All you need to know about it is here:
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